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Parish Street Lights - Briefing Notes

Parish Street Lights - Briefing Notes

Cold Higham Parish

Street Lights Briefing

Summary of Public Briefing – 8 Aug 19

  • The parish has 15 lights – Fosters Booth 1, Cold Higham 6, Litchborough Rd 1, Grimscote 7. All are 35 W Sodium lamps, perhaps 30-40 years old.
  • The plan is to replace these with modern LED lights. The advantages are:
    • Current lights at end of useful life
    • New lights have much lower energy and maintenance costs
    • New lights depreciate more slowly
    • New lights have a much lower carbon footprint
    • They provide better colour rendering – see attached comparison pictures.
    • Phase 1:
      • New pole and light in Litchborough Rd
      • New lights in Grimscote, Cold Higham (Banbury Lane) and Fosters Booth
      • Phase 2: New lights in Church Lane
      • Cost for Phase 1 will be covered by New Homes Bonus Grant from SNC.
      • Cost for Phase 2 to be confirmed once reconfiguration of electricity distribution in Church Lane completed (?2020).
      • Likely savings once completed c. £750 pa (8-9% of CHPC total expenditure).
      • Carbon Dioxide emissions reduced by c. 280 lbs pa (c. 1.25 tonnes over 10 years).
      • Timescales to be confirmed.

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