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New Street Lights Update

The contracts for new street lights have been placed by the PC, but there has been a recent change to the plan. We discovered that Western Power are planning to replace most/all of the electricity poles on Church Lane some time next year. All our street lights in Church Lane are on these poles. Therefore the replacement of the Church Lane lights has been postponed until the new poles are in place, possibly next Spring. We will keep this site updated as more information becomes available.

Meanwhile the remaining lights will be replaced as planned, in what is now Phase 1 of the street light project. This will include removing the concrete pole on Litchborough Road and replacing it with a steel pole. This is scheduled for the morning of 25thSeptember. The date for replacement of the lanterns on Banbury Lane and in Grimscote is not yet known, but we will keep this site and Nextdoor updated as soon as we know.

Posted: Tue, 10 Sep 2019 11:12 by Site Editor

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