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Poor's Allotment Charity

What Is The Charity?

According to records held the Charity dates back to at least the 1920s. Records and memories passed down indicate it was started in order to provide wood to burn for heating etc by parishioners, but then the particular trees used for that purpose were sold and the income from some allotment land at Grimscote was then used to provide heating grants etc.

There have been various changes in the ownership of land held by the Charity over the last century. Most of the allotment land was sold some years ago and the capital was invested and provides the major part of the Charity's income. The terms of the Charity mean the capital cannot be spent. The remaining land is farmed and provides an income for the Charity.

Who Administers It?

The Charity has four trustees, (one ex-officio, one nominated by the Parish Council, two co-opted). Currently these are the local pastor (the ex-officio Trustee)(currently vacant), Jane Kimbell (the nominated Trustee), Nita Pearson and Judith Coates (the co-opted Trustees). At least three Trustees need to be present at meetings for a quorum. The Treasurer is Alistair Rew. All the Trustees and the Treasurer are volunteers.

Where Does It Get Its Income From?

Investment income arising from previous land sales and rent from a small piece of land, part of a field on Litchborough Road, leased out as farmland.

What Does It Do With The Income?

The Charity is able to apply its income to relieve, either generally or individually, residents in the Parish of Cold Higham who are in conditions of need, hardship or distress, by making grants of money or providing or paying for items, services or facilities calculated to reduce the need, hardship or distress of such persons.

In practice this means that funds may be available for:

1. Households in the Parish where at least one householder is aged 65 or over toward heating costs. Once a grant has been given it will be given annually without the need to make a new application.

2. Young people or students in higher education needing to purchase books or tools or to pay for travelling expenses. A grant may be applied for each year whilst in higher education.

3. Any other person in need or distress at any time of the year

Because of the difficulties experienced by the Trustees in identifying eligible people each year the Trustees ask that those wishing to claim a grant should apply in writing to Nita Pearson (address below) at any time of the year. The Trustees ask for new claims from students or those aged 65 or over each Autumn through an article in 'Around Pattishall' and a notice on the Parish website.

How Do I Contact The Charity?

Contact should be via

Mrs Nita Pearson

Home Farm

2 Penthorne Close


Northants NN12 8LL

Email -

The Charity, Registered Number 201449, operates within the rules of the GDPR.