Updates will appear below as major developments occur.

Update 5 Oct 20

Vesting Day is less than 6 months away. This is when West Northamptonshire Unitary Authority will take over local government services from Northants County Council and the three District/Borough Councils in the area (including SNC).

In recent weeks focus has been on ensuring the new council will be "safe and legal" as from day 1. This means ensuring there is no hiatus in the provision of essential services (e.g. social care) from 1 April 2021 onwards.

Items of note include:

  • A new CEO (Anna Earnshaw) has been appointed.
  • A senior management team has been recruited.
  • Most principal council contacts for PCs and the public will remain as they are on 2 April – after Vesting Day.
  • Any reorganisation, relocation and rationalisation will occur in the following months and years.
  • Council Tax Harmonisation will take place, but details are currently unknown.
  • The first election for councillors of the unitary will go ahead as planned on 6 May 21.