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VE75 Activities - 8 May 2020

These are some of the activities planned across the country for Friday 8th May - the 75th Anniversary of VE Day when WW2 ended in Europe. (Bold script signifies local activities).

11 am - Two minutes silence to remember those who died

11.15 am - A VE Day Live Upstream by the Royal British Legion

3 pm - Winston Churchill's speech broadcast by the BBC

3 pm - National Toast to those who gave so much

3.30-5pm - Cold Higham Village 'tea parties' at home

7 pm - "We'll Meet Again" led by the Highamettes in Cold Higham

9 pm - HM The Queen addresses the nation. Followed by national sing-along.

The RBL have produced a VE Day Learning Pack for children aged 7-14.